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Thrashanos (length: 01:31)

Entry for Atlanta Thrashers March 23, 2006 game vs. Devils. Thrashers came from behind to win 6-5 in OT.

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Very well done.

Strange though. How'd you get Thrash to do the shoot? I heard he asks for a wing and a leg.

Great post. The Thrashers owned both the Joisey Devils and the Carolina Canes this season.

2. I can't get it to work and just was really lookin forward to seein it even though I am a Devils fan .... man there was some crazy comeback hockey by the Thrashers this year

3. yea i kno the thrashers r the only team that i think nj is scared of

4. you can watch it on the thrashers official website