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Lady Gemini "Thick Thighs and Ass" Uncut (length: 05:22)

Here's the latest underground music video I shot for an upcoming Atlanta based rap artist, Lady Gemini. This video is UNCUT, like the Nelly Tip Drill Video, only twice as raunchier! You can get this video and others on Street Video #24

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. 'Preciate the comments, folk. We tryin' to shoot up-and-coming artists and put 'em on our Street Video DVD compiliations now. Lady Gemini been on the grind in the ATL for years... but ain't no promotion like shooting a video. Hopefully her album does well. More videos to come... holla atcha boy!
2. i would pound her puzzy,i would luv to stick my big black dyck in any hoe in ATL,ooh yeah i live their now and i get puzzy from da sistas 24/7 well dis video makes me horny,and im gonna go look 4 some puzzy see yal white boys aka losers lata,lmaoo
3. she gangsta just like me. i kno wut she talkin bout. i done been in da game 4 3 years, n itz serious.
holla back at ya gurl
Magic City gurl
Strictly fa da niggaz in da Atl
4. strippers work there bodies all most like everyday so dats why they got a 10 shape... but faces??? NOTHER STORY LOL LOL!!!
5. its just like tip drill except 2 times raunchier

and tip drill had dimes

this has 5's and 6's