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49ers 'deion fight (length: 01:41)

deion in the blue corner and rison in the red

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Shutup. Fights happen in hockey and baseball all the time, and all that happens is a slap on the wrist for those involved.

As soon as someone swings a punch in basketball or football, everyone immediately chastises and frowns, and says BS like "bad example for kids."

I wonder what's different between hockey/baseball and football/basketball? Anyone have an answer?

2. I think your statement of "worse than any act of violence in the nba" is way off- Ever heard of Kermit Washington? in 1977 he nearly killed Rudy Tomjanovich in a fight in an NBA game. As Tomjanovich lay unconscious, blood spread under his head. Facial bones were broken, his skull displaced, spinal fluid was leaking into the skull capsule.

3. ha4247's right tho. one hockey fight is bloodier than all the fights in the history of nba, and yet black athletes, espeically those in the nba, get punished for spreading a gangsta image. fucking bullshit. checking and fistfights in hockey are worse than any act of violence commited in the nfl or nba, including the palace melee.

4. "It still hurt when your helmet gets hit" Yeah, it hurts your knuckles! Fights in football are lame unless they would take their helmets off and go at it “Mano a mano” like in hockey – I would watch that for sure! But they don’t allow this, and everyone else would just jump in and ruin it.

5. Good Shit Deion, i like Rison but isint it funny they played on the same team? Fuck the youth its all going down a shihole anyway. Fighting happens all the time withought fights in sports some poeple wouldent watch them. For ex, in some parts of USA, people watch Hockey to see fights. Good shit Dieon